We offer a hassle free and trustworthy returns policy that is FREE of charge for all orders within Pakistan on all applicable items. No return for small baby accessories like bibs, nail clippers, lotion, powder, soap and related items.

If you’re not satisfied, you can return our product only when:

  • Product is damaged
  • Product is not used
  • Product is in original condition with packing
  • Product is expired
  • No Cash Refund. You will be given a voucher of your remaining payment.

Please make sure that you notify us about any return because due to heavy flow of customers and operations, sometimes we forget to execute your requests. Please sign in to your account with our website and make a return in your user control panel. We will definitely respond you.

Anything mentioned not on this page, please email us immediately to keep you away from any hassle.


Order Shipments:

Sometimes, you may receive multiple shipments of your order. Most probably, you will be charged the COD on your first order. If in any case, you receive your order incomplete, you won’t be charged additional shipping fees for the current order.

How To Contact Us:

You can contact us on call & WhatsApp at the number provided at the top of the screen from Monday to Saturday 10:30AM to 06:30PM. You can also email us at info[@]cheapmartonline.com . (Replace [@] with @).

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